Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why I An Done Blogging – For Now.

Despite the snark and the sad truth of the above meme, this has been a fun experiment. I have been shouting in the wind and very few have listened, but it has been fun. Yet, I feel this experiment has failed. Blogging should generate an audience for your writing, but I have been doing very little writing so it is a moot point. Things are going to change in the next year. My daughter is going to kindergarten next fall and I really need to go back to some sort of paid employment. Probably thanks to the sequester, my hubbies job is going to change and so chances are that my going back to work will be even more important. Since it has been around 8 years since I began my parenting career, I will need to volunteer at my previous scientific career to hopefully get a job by the fall. So with whatever spare time I have, and feel like writing, perhaps I should actually just work on a book. And besides...

And as the above cartoon by David Fitzimmons will attest, I guess I am just a puppy dog in these political fights. Many will think I am naïve, silly, or just plain wrong. I have never gotten any feedback for my opinions on this blog. On Facebook I have gotten many and gone into the FB useless political fighting abyss, but not here. To that I say thank you, it is nice just to get your opinion out there without everyone telling you that you are wrong.

Finally I would like to say THANK YOU for reading this blog. See you in the funny pages!